Posted by: Ken A. Williams | April 15, 2015

Black Lives Matter!

In the recent events of police shootings of Black Men, a new mantra has risen, “Black Lives Matter!” Well Black lives have always mattered! Since we were brought to this Country as slaves in 1619, Black Lives have Mattered! The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freed slaves because Black Lives Matter! From 1865 Reconstruction through 1960’s “Jim Crow” Blacks were lynched, marginalized, suffered through discrimination & segregation, Black Lives have always Mattered! The Civil RIghts Acts of 1964, that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion,sex, or national origin because Black Lives Matter!
The Civil RIghts work of Dr. King and the thousands of others black & whites who marched, registered black voters, protested segregation & discrimination, dogs released on them, beaten & were murdered because Black Lives Matter!
Black Lives have always Mattered! However there are things we need to address as Black people to make sure we project to the world that our lives matter to us and therefore they must matter to the Nation!
Since 1973 according to the Centers for Disease Control 13 MILLION black babies have been aborted, with over 1,800 black babies aborted everyday! What about those Black Lives don’t they matter?
What about the 5,000 plus Blacks who are killed every year with over 90% of those killed by other blacks, don’t those lives matter?
What about the almost 1 million blacks in prison, while we are only 13% of the population we make up about 40% of the over 2 million people incarcerated, with most jailed for non-violent offenses, don’t those Black Lives matter?
What about the 72% of black babies born every year that are born out of wedlock,don’t those Black Lives Matter?
What about the 48% of young black men who don’t graduate from high school, don’t those Black Lives Matter too!
And what about our music and the subjugation and degradation of women calling them “bitches & hoes” music that glorifies “thug life” and bucking authority, don’t the lives of the impressionable young people who listen to this stuff matter? Aren’t we sending the wrong messages to a societal mindset we seek to change about us?
The vast majority of Black people in this Country are good decent, law abiding, hard working, church going, tax paying, people who continue to seek a brighter day, if not for themselves for their children.
We need to not only focus our energy on police shootings of Black men, we need to focus on all the other issues that are plaguing our people that are not the fault of police, or a white power structure, so that we can be all we can be in this land that most of us love and care for, if we account for the things we can control and let God do what we can’t do, we’ll be just fine by HIs Grace!

Grace and Peace….

Pastor Ken


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