Posted by: Ken A. Williams | September 1, 2011

Healthy Relationships

“A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17a
Most of us have had friendships over the years that did not last as long as we thought they would. Many of us have experienced the break up of relationships that we cherished, valued, and enjoyed. Many us I believe if asked about our friendship, and how it dissolved could quote chapter and verse on what happened and how it was their fault and not ours.
But have we ever stopped to consider what contribution(s) we made that assisted in the breakdown of that relationship.
My wife has a best friend, they are as different as night and day my wife is a very easy laid back person who is as cool as the other side of the pillow, she is an unflappable person, her best friend is a “type A” personality, whose very much a do it now, get it done now, type person, on the surface they seem as incompatible as  oil and water,  but for twenty five or so years they have had a lasting, fruitful, mutually satisfying relationship because they have “loved” each
other at all times.
When there have been challenges in their relationship they remained friends, when their have been disagreements in their relationship, they loved at all times, when they went through a period of not seeing each other much because my wife’s friend move away to finish law school,
they made away to keep in touch and loved at all times.
Sometimes in relationships we don’t always love at all times, we want to receive love all the time, but we don’t always feel like giving love. Love means to give the advantage to others not seek it for ourselves, my wife and her friend Regina are shinning examples of this principle and  that’s why they are friends after Twenty five years.
If you have a best friend(s) make a point to love them at all times whether they are right or wrong, love doesn’t condone wrong it just helps us to stand with our friends when they may need us the most.
Motivated By Love,
Pastor Ken

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