Posted by: Ken A. Williams | August 31, 2009

Making it on Broken Pieces

“And the rest, some on boards, and some on broken pieces of the ship, And so it came to pass, that they escaped all safe to land.” Acts 27:44

Apostle Paul was on his way to Rome by ship to stand before Caesar to answer the charges leveled against him by the Religious Jews who sought his demise. Paul had just finished a fast and received a word from the Lord about the trip they were about to take, during the trip he predicted that they would incur harm to the ship & even their lives could be in danger, he told this to the Roman Centurion in charge & he refused to heed Paul’s warning, believing the ships captain instead & they set out toward Rome.

During their trip they found themselves all of a sudden in the midst of a great storm that battered the ship very badly endangering them all, they managed to survive the storm but later on in their journey they ran their ship aground and the ship was stuck on sandbars with the front of the ship stuck and the rear of the ship was broken by the waves of the sea.

As the ship began to be destroyed the Rome Solderswere going to kill the prisoners (including Paul) but the Centurion (who now believed his story) sought to save Paul’s life commanded those who could swim, to swim and the rest to make it to shore on the “broken pieces of the ship.”

What about you today, has the ship of your soul run aground in the treacherous waters of life, and do you now find yourself in the midst of those waters trying to make it to the shores of peace? If you answered yes, you’re not alone many believers right now are in the midst of the shipwreck of life, some trying to swim to shore using all their energy, while others who can’t swim are just trying to make it on the “broken pieces,” of their faith in God.

I want to encourage you today that whether you swim to shore or you’re trying to make it to the shore of “peace” by hanging on to the broken pieces of your faith, you’re going to make it! I know that it might seem like everything is breaking up around you I’m releasing my faith with yours declaring that you will get safely to to shore of peace, just as Paul and all 215 men on that ship made it safely to shore.

Remember this, even in the midst of the ship running aground they made it safe to land, you’re going to make it, whether it’s through your finances, your marriage, your children, your job, your health, your whatever you’re going to make it safely to shore. Paul made it shore and eventually made it to Rome, and I say to you you’re going to make to your destination too!

Motivated By Love,

Pastor Ken


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