Posted by: Ken A. Williams | August 30, 2009

Are You Rich in Good Works?

That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate.” I Timothy 6:18.

All of us lead busy lives. We are always on the go and we always have something to do, work, school, shopping, after school activities for our children and so on and so forth. Yes we are always going from place to place doing something.

In all of our doing the question must be asked, “are we rich in good works?” In other words with all of our busyness are we doing those things that really count, are we doing good works that make a lasting impact upon people, or are we simply concerned about what we have to do and where we’re trying to go.

If we’re open to it there is always something we can do or somebody we can help that takes us out of ourselves and beyond our own needs.The main thing God is interested in is not what have you done for yourself but, how many people have you helped and ministered to.

Will you be able to give Him a satisfactory answer? I hope so.

Motivated By Love,

Pastor Ken


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